Just received a letter from one of our delivery drivers and their experience with the Everyone Enjoys Xmas project:

“During one of the many deliveries of Christmas presents to those families struggling through the holiday season, I encountered a Family that touched me. Upon knocking on their front door, I was greeted by a woman who looked puzzled as to why I was there.

I explained that I was from the Jarboe Foundation and that we had heard that she might need a little help this Christmas, at which time I presented her with a large bag full of wrapped presents. She stood there awestruck and placed her hand over her mouth as tears started to fill her eyes. She struggled to say something but couldn’t as she was clearly over run with emotion.

I then noticed that her two young grandchildren were behind her, and had clearly witnessed everything and they started to jump around and cheer, “ we are gonna get to have Christmas”. At that moment she couldn’t help but start to weep and repeatedly say “ Thank you” as she stood there not knowing what to think. As I got back in my car and prepared to head to the next home, I saw her still standing in the doorway with her hand covering her mouth and tears in her eyes and the sounds of the enthusiastic children celebrating in the background could be heard.

As I drove away, There she stood, watching me still shocked and full of appreciation. I feel that It meant as much to me as it did to them. It was one feeling that I’ll never forget.”

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